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Super Awesome Game Title is a game about love and friendship... not really. 

You're a cute little robot, you collect random human trinkets and try not to die.  Use the nuts you collect on your way to upgrade your cute little robot (it will make your life easier, trust us).

Made in 48 hrs for the Game Jam Online 2020 event.

Programming: Tommy van Treek, Esteban Parra.

2D art: Andy Peláez, Oliver Sauer, Felipe Zepeda.

Animations: Felipe Zepeda.

UI design: Andy Peláez.

Game design: Oliver Sauer, Esteban Parra.

Sound design: Esteban Parra.

Tools used: Aseprite, Adobe XD, Unity, Reaper.


Creditos y Link al video.txt 272 bytes
SuperAwesomeGT.apk 27 MB
Scripts.rar 15 kB

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